The Strategic Prepper eBook
The Strategic Prepper eBook

The Strategic Prepper eBook

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Most preppers are not like what you see on Doomsday Preppers with Renaissance Era looking castles or bunkers buried in the middle of nowhere. Realistically, preppers don't have the money or the resources to afford that opportunity. Instead, they can be found in cities throughout the country living on an extremely low budget.

The problem is that if a collapse scenario were to happen then surviving in the city is going to be challenging and damn near impossible. As a result, preppers would be forced out of their own homes to escape danger.

Not everyone can afford bug out locations, bunkers, prepper gear and supplies. As a result, many loved ones could be lost in a collapse scenario leaving many defenseless striving for survival alone. This thought leaves many preppers discouraged because they believe that in their current situation they are not likely to survive.

This is why I wrote The Strategic Prepper. In my book, I share why many preppers will probably die when a collapse scenario happens. But it isn't because of the lack of money. It is the lack of a strategic plan.

With a strategic plan, you can live a preparedness lifestyle on a budget and still thrive when SHTF. Despite this fact, many preppers don't know how to put together a strategic preparedness plan. In this book, I will share how to put together a plan on a budget that will guarantee survival should SHTF.

About Author

Aaron Liford has been involved with preparedness since 2009 after feeling the effects of the financial crisis that affected most of the country.  He has a professional background in business management and online software helping people around the world safely process transactions without their identities being hacked or compromised.  Aaron also volunteers with CERT (community emergency response team), ARC (Amateur Radio Club), Red Cross and currently studying to be a certified NRA instructor.

Aaron is the founder of which is a blog dedicated to helping people prepare the smart way now so that they can thrive later.  There you will not only find written material but videos and podcast episodes that help along the way of the prepper journey.

Chapters in this book include:

1. Visualizing your dream and setting prepper goals
2. The importance of a SWOT analysis
3. Food strength/weakness analysis
4. Water strength/weakness analysis
5. Shelter analysis
6. Security analysis
7. X-factor analysis
8. Assessing opportunities and threats
9. Bugging out will get you killed!
10. Bug out proof budget prepping
11. Considering strategic relocation