6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit
6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit
6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit
6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit
6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit
6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit

6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit

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The 6-in-1 SOS Survival Kit was specifically designed and developed to keep you safe in any situation.


This kit is packed into a super compactdiscreetand easy to carry tin case that fits in your palm. The kit is compact enough to throw in your backpack, your car, your office drawer or store in virtually any small handy space that you can access quickly!

With over 1000 uses combined, this expertly assembled kit is the smartest and most compact survival kit of it's kind. Reduce the fear and anxiety that arise from the uncertainty of being prepared. Keep this kit near you and be confident that you can survive a multitude of situations by having access to simple, high-quality tools that have been thoughtfully assembled for you in one compact package.

    • Small Ferrocerium Rod Flint
      • Up to 8,000 strikes from ferrocerium rod.
      • Sparks shower at 5,500º F (3,000º C) to ignite a fire in any weather (even wet), at any altitude.
      • Perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, bugout, every day carry, emergency, survival, campfires, cooking, gas stoves, and more.
    • 11-IN-1 Pocket Card
      • Can Opener: Open tin cans with the hook mouth and the top edge of the tool.
      • Screwdriver Tip: quick access with the corner of the card allows functionality for opening all types of screws.
      • Ruler: With cm and mm markings for quick calculations.
      • Cap Opener: Perfect for bottle liquids and other packaged liquids.
      • Butterfly Wrench: A great tool for working in small spaces where you need more torque than a conventional socket.
      • 4 Position Wrench: Useful for various size nuts and bolt heads when you need quick access.
      • Compact jagged tooth: cutting wood branches, ropes, and zip ties in a compact space.
      • The Direction Identifier: Great tool to use with a compass to reorient yourself with your surroundings.
      • 2 Position Wrench: Perfect for odd size screws and bolts.
      • Lanyard Hole: Perfect for hanging as a necklace or carrying with you like a set of keys.
    • Aluminum High-Frequency Whistle
      • Durable, strong, and made of high-quality aluminum alloy.
      • Double tube designed and crisp sound so you can use it in any life-saving environment.
      • Maximum sound intensity of up to 118 decibels, which can be heard from up to half a mile away.
      • Perfect for various sports, camping, mountaineering, travel, running, climbing, backpacking and more.
      • Ultra-light and portable ( only 11g), can attach to bags or wear on your neck.
    • Compass
      • Lightweight emergency survival tool compass.
      • Fixed declination correction scale, jewel bearing, and dual scales (cm or inches).
      • Ideal for outdoors, hiking, camping, climbing, adventure expeditions and many other outdoor activities.
    • Wire saw
      • Survival wire saw with 24” stainless steel 4-strand braided chain cord
      • Metal handles for durability
      • 360-degree swivel points for easy handling
      • Can be used for cutting wood, plastic, rubber and soft metal
    • Small Foldable Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Multi-tool Plier
      • Features include pliers, cutter, can opener, saw, screwdriver and LED light
      • LED light is powered by 4 LR41 button cells (batteries included)
      • Ideal for the house, traveling, camping, and hunting